Hi, I'm Kylie.

What Even Is This?

Hello, you’re probably wondering what this trainwreck is.

Well, my friends, this is my personal website ✨live✨in✨progress✨. What you’re looking at is the most up to date version I have. I’m pretty much building it out in the open as I learn the things to make it. It’s kind of like a “f*ck you” to the countless times of the past where I’ve been too afraid to show something until it was absolutely perfect. There’ll be no more of that. No, no, no. Why shouldn’t you see this messy and chaotic side of the process?!

Anyway. Come along for the ride. This might turn into a beautiful website. It’ll probably become a weird abstracted part of my brain/imagination. I might take requests about what to do. It might just stay like this. I haven’t thought about it too much tbh.

What I’m learning

I’ll probably add to this.

What I’m using


Every time there’s a major update or I step away from the project, I’ll track it in the Updates with a short video recording of the site if you’re into that sort of thing (know a better way to do it?). Also, if you spot something you think could be improved or whatever, let me know that too. I’m sure there’s something you can do to the repo? Pull? Or something?


Cya pals. 👋🏽